Our Newest Products



Fish stay in the bag! No more chasing the fish around the livewell!

PART #3000

A flexible vinyl mesh bag designed to float and stay open in livewells – fish stay in the bag!

  • UV, tear, rot and mildew resistant
  • Fits livewells 24 inches long or longer
  • 24"L x 12"H x 11"W

"Snag em and Bag em" with the Catch-n-Carry!


Drain livewell, fill bag with ice, velcro shut, fish stay fresh in insulated livewell for hours!


Mesh Storage Pockets

PART #1700 – 8" h x 12" w
PART #1800 – 12" h x 18" w

Holds pliers, hook outs, cell phone, wallet, etc. in your boat, camper, RV or fish house.

  • Marine grade vinyl material is rain and UV resisitant
  • Comes with mounting hardware – 4 each #12x1 inch stainless screws

Splash Proof Fuse Holder With Fuse

PART # 108 – 8-ga. wire 80 amp max

  • In-line automotive fuse holder
  • Automotive blade fuse – maxi
  • Splash proof type
  • Comes with 60 amp fuse

PART # 060 – Replacment/Spare Fuse

  • 60 Amp

Miscellaneous Products

Seat Block

PART #938

Black santoprene seat block for mounting seat cushions

  • 2 ½” long, 1” wide, 1 1/16” tall
  • Mounting holes are 1¾” center to center
  • No hardware included